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The Nuovi Gioelli Company was founded in 1985 since he wants to put his knowledge and passion in a new adventure.
A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, the company after 30 years is well know for his creativity, research and development of new
tecnologies and products.
Italian culture is made up of stories and traditions. Our products, which arise from manual work, become witnesses of our background.
Our jewels perfectly testify the quality of MADE IN ITALY handcraft, blending tradition and innovation with research and development.
Variety, Dynamism, Innovation: the creative and continuous request for new technologies and materials guarantees the high quality of the finished product.
The spirit of traditional craft fused with a cutting�edge design has created an exciting new concept of Nuovi Gioielli MADE IN ITALY.
Every line will be drawn by the thought, united to the space, the select material immediately will offer a tactile idea, immediately recognizable. Looking at your object you will understand that it is the product of stylistic solutions. Developing your initial idea we turn the thought into lines.
The realization of a product, is always something unique. The first lines put on a piece of paper, are those that will give form to your thought.
NUOVI GIOIELLI, has invested in people, as well as in technology, pointing to the uniqueness and originality of the product.
The unique design makes our unique items and the continuity of our work is guaranteed by the professionalism with which we face the new challenges, always made in compliance with the strictest �Made in Italy.�
We produce articles intended for those looking for something unique and different, where the skill, design and accuracy are key elements of the product itself.
Nuovi Gioielli is an RJC member.
RJC members promote the respect of ethics, human rights and the environment, by adopting good social and environmental practices, and in total transparency along the entire production chain. The goal of this commitment is credible to Provide Guarantees of product quality and ethics for the entire production sector.
RJC has developed a certification system that all members must apply and compliance is verified by an accredited certifying agency.
As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, NUOVI GIOIELLI must comply with the RJC�s requirements and ensure that they are respected by all the companies in its production chain.
On February 2017 Nuovi Gioielli achieved the Chain Of Custody Certification (CoC) for its gold jewellery products lines.
The Chain Of Custody Standard, settled from the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) in accordance with the OECD Guidelines, promotes the usage of precious metals sourced in a responsible way among the whole supply chain.


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